Smart Semicolon extension for Visual Studio


The semicolon is used to terminate the statement for most of the programming language. It is inserted at end of every statement, but sometimes we use to forget it. It’s not a big work to fix it just by moving the cursor to the end of the statement to add the semicolon, but it’s a minor frustration. Smart semicolon is the extension, that changes the way we work with the semicolon.

Install Smart Semicolon:

Step 1: Open Visual Studio, go to Extension-> Manage Extension, search for smart semicolon and download the Extension.  

Smart Semicolon Extension

Step 2: Restart the Visual Studio after the extension installation.

Step 3: Open the code file and add the statement without semicolon. As we expected visual studio indicates the mistake.

Step 4: Without moving the cursor insert semicolon, it will automatically add it to end of the statement.


We saw how the smart semicolon extension changes the way of using the semicolon in visual studio. We will see more tips and tricks of Visual Studio in my next blog.


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