Visual Studio- Tab layout in editor window


   Do you ever think about the changing the position of the tab in the editor window of Visual Studio? From Visual Studio 2019 you can change the position the tab on left, right and top based on our satisfaction.

Positioning the tab:

By default, the tab position will be on top in the editor window as shown in below figure,

Visual Studio Tab-top

We can change the position by selecting Tools-> options ->Tabs and Windows, under Set tab layout you can set the position. In my case I set to left. It is one of my comfortable positions when comparing with top and right.

Tab layout after updating to left.

We can use the setting to group the tab based on project, we can sort it, and we can prefer the chronological order, the tabs that are most recent at the top.


You have learned how to change the layout of the tab in editor window. We will see more about Visual studio tips and tricks in my future blogs.


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