Customize Visual Studio output window


The visual Studio output window contains the messages from, build notification, run time errors, debug messages, project configuration, and so on for the actions that happen when working with it. In this blog, you will see how to customize the window to see more messages about the application build.

Customize Output Window:

My project contains a console application that has a function used to convert strings to DateTime. When we build the application, it will show only minimal information about the application build in the output window, as shown in the below figure.

We can customize the output window to get a more information about the build.

Go to tools-> options-> Projects and solution -> select Build and Run.

Select “normal” from MSBuild project build output verbosity.

Now more information will be displayed in the output window.

We can export the content to text file by using File-> Save Output As.


We saw how we can customize the Visual Studio Output window to show more information about the build status of the application. We will see more tips and tricks of Visual Studio in my next blog.


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