Visual Studio – Meta Project Extension


In my last blog I have explained how to install the meta project extension and the usability of the meta project output window. In this blog I’m going to explain how it will be used to preview the JSON file without opening the file in visual studio editor window.

Install Meta Project Extension:

Open Visual Studio -> go to Extension- >Manage Extension -> Search for MetaProject and download the extension.

Meta Project Extension

After the download restart your Visual Studio.

I have opened an existing .NET 6 console application with JSON file.

Right click on the JSON file, you will get a preview option from the context menu. Click on preview.

JSON file

The JSON preview will be rendered in meta output window. The significant of this extension is we can preview the file without opening in editor window.

Json Preview

To get a more specialized view download and install Preview-JSON Extension.

The JSON data preview in meta output window after installing Preview-JSON extension

Special pretty preview


You have learned about the benefits of the MetaProject extension. We will see more about Visual studio tips and tricks in my future blogs.


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