Solution Filter in Visual Studio


 Most of the time the developers will work with a lot of projects within a solution, which is one of the main reasons for the slowness in loading the projects in Visual Studio. In this blog, you will learn how to use the new solution filter feature available in Visual Studio 2019.

Solution Filter

Solution filters feature available only in Visual Studio 2019 and above.

My Solution in Visual Studio has 4 projects, as shown in the below figure.

I’m trying to unload the console application project by doing MyDemoProject -> right-click -> Unload Project.

Filter out the console application by doing Right click on solution -> Hide Unloaded Projects. Now our solution contains only web applications and we filtered out console applications.

Right-click on the solution and select “Save As Solution Filter” as shown in the below figure

In the save as wizard enter the solution name, and the extension will be. slnf

Click on Save button to save the solution.

Open the solution in visual studio

As shown in the above figure the filtered solution has three web applications.


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