Custom Command for React application CI/CD pipeline in Azure DevOps


    I have created a CI/CD pipeline for my react application in Azure DevOps, the step is very simple for Continuous Integration I have added three steps npm install, npm run build, and Publish Artifact: drop. Initially I haven’t gotten any issue in CI, but after adding a react-dates package into my application I got some dependency issue, so I used npm install –force command in local development environment. However I got an error in pipeline build. In this blog you will learn how to resolve this issue by adding a custom command in pipeline.

Custom Command in Azure DevOps pipeline:

Error message on npm install from the pipeline without adding a custom command (npm install –force)

CI build error

Let’s resolve this issue by updating the pipeline with custom command for npm install.

Step 1: Go to the pipeline and click on edit.

Step 2: Select npm install job, under command option select command and enter “install –force” command in Command and arguments textbox.

Custom command in Azure DevOps pipeline.

Step 3: Save and Queue the job.


We have seen how to add a custom command for the CI/CD pipeline in Azure DevOps, will see more about Azure DevOps in my future blog.

I hope this blog will help you. Please share your queries, suggestions in the comments section below.


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