C# 11 – Raw String Literals


Almost 15 new features have been released with C# 11. In this series we will be exploring all the new features in C#11. In this blog I’m going to explore Raw String Literals.

Raw String Literals:

This feature brings more friendliness in the code to handle the double quotes and other special characters within a string, which means the raw string literal contains new line, whitespaces, quotes and other special character without requiring escape sequences.

  Before C# 11 :

var str = "<input text=\"Text\">";

From the above code it’s quite obvious, we are using escape sequence to handle the quote in the string.

 In C# 11:

  var str = """<input text="Text">"""; // raw string literal

 Now a raw string literal uses three double quotes on a start of the string and end of the string respectively.

Assume if the “Text” has two more double quote, in this case we should add one more double quote on a start and end of the string respectively and so on, as given below.

 var str = """"<input text="""Text""">"""";

 Personally, it’s one of my favorite features, because it will super easy to handle the JSON string in C# with Raw string literals.

Before C# 11:

  var jsonStr = "{\n   \"name\":\"Gowtham\"  \n}";

  The problem with the above JSON string is it’s very unfriendly where it has a escape sequence to handle the new line and a double quotes . Let’s see how to replace it with raw string literals.

In C# 11:

  var jsonStr = """

The above JSON string is very super friendly to write with raw string literals.


 We have seen how to use the raw string literals in our code and how to replace the escapes sequences using the raw string literals. It brings a developer 🧑‍💻 friendliness while writing a code. We will see more about C# 11 features in my next blog

Happy Coding!!!


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