Thunder Client ⚡ – REST Client VS Code Extension for Testing APIs


Most of the time we use the POSTMAN for REST API’s testing, and it’s also a one of my favorite application to test the REST API’s. In this blog I will explain you about the Visual studio code extension called Thunder client for REST APIs testing.

Why Thunder Client instead of POSTMAN?

Thunder client is a lightweight REST Client for APIs testing. It has simple, clean and user-friendly UI. Thunder client is not a replacement for a POSTMAN, if you are developing the application using Visual Studio code, instead a keeping the POSTMAN application running to test the API, we can use the thunder client extension for testing.

Install Thunder Client Extension for Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Extension

Click on extension and type Thunder client in search, from the search list click on Thunder client as shown in the below figure.

Click on install

Thunder Client Extensio

After the successful installation, click on thunder client from side menu to test the API.

Thunder client extension

Click on New Request and test your API, the UI looks similar to the POSTMAN.

Learn more about thunder client Thunder Client — lightweight alternative to Postman | by Ranga Vadhineni | Medium


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